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Best Walking Safaris at Hwange Park

Unique Experience Walking and Tracking Africa's Wildlife with experienced professional guides

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Walking Safaris in Hwange
Fully backed up or backpacking


All Walking Safaris are led by fully licensed professional guides and carry firearms at all times.

Zimbabwe has the highest standard of professional guide training in Africa

Most Walking Safaris start in April and end end at the begining of Nov for the rainy season

on a walking safari you can expect to :

■ be humbled as a bull elephant towers over you from just 30 metres
■ track lion spoor or watch as the dung bettle expertly goes about its work
■ listen for the buffalo herd approaching
■ find out which plant is used to cure various ailments
■ get better opportunities for filming and photography

A walking safari appeals to all the 5 senses and is a great and memorable "hands on" experience

Tracking mammals and learning about them is an integral part of the walking safari. The walks are an enthralling and informative experience.

Night is for star gazing at some of the clearest skies in the world as well as tuning into the nocturnal world of predators.

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