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Hwange Walking Trails

tracking Africa's wildlife on foot - authentic safari experience learning animal behaviour and characteristics, astronomy and history

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Fully Backed Up : maximum 5 days
■ The camps are comfortable with traditional large walk in tents with bush bathrooms en-suite and proper beds and bedding.
■ All camp chores, food preparations and laundry service are carried out by experienced camp staff.
■ The transport is by open game viewing vehicle and each safari is taken by Leon Varley and a traditional Matabele tracker. The guide is fully licensed armed and carries a well stocked first aid kit and satellite phone. The tracker carries a back up weapon and extra water.
■ Walks are taken in the morning after an early breakfast and late afternoon when it is cooler and participants must be fit enough to be able to cover 15 -20 kms in a day split into two or three separate walks.

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Much of the time on the ground is spent tracking and stalking large game, mainly Rhino and lion as they are the more elusive and unlikely to be come across by chance.
Leopard are notoriously hard to track but is an animal of habit and tends to be found in the same areas.

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Detailed Information Pack & Sample itinerary for Fully Backed Up and Backpacking safaris

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Rates 2016

Fully Backed Up : 5 days

US$ 1, 224

Fully Backed Up : 4 days

US$ 980

Backpacking : 5 days

US$ 1, 164

Backpacking : 4 days

US$ 932

Hwange Walking Trails
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Rates are per person are include all food, drinks and transfers from Victoria Falls
Rates exclude parks fee
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Backpacking Safari (not backed up by a vehicle - walking in the Sinamatella area - usually 10 - 12 kms / day

This is the most scenic part of Hwange with numerous springs, including hot water ones, low hills, rugged kopjies, watercourses, water holes and mineral licks.
The attraction for backpacking this part of the park is the ability to overnight in specific places such as springs, water holes and mineral licks that we have only been able to visit by foot during the day.
Participants in a backpacking safari will need to provide their own backpacks, sleeping bags and mats; they need to be fit enough to backpack for 3 - 4 hours a day with a 7-10 kg pack as well as 2- 3 hours of unencumbered walking as day. Tentage and supplies will be provided by the safari company and will be of the best quality space and weight will allow.

Each safari will be led by a professional guide and a tracker and will be accompanied by a back up crew who will carry out all the camp chores, except erecting tents, and will do most of the heavy carrying.

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