. African Horseback Safaris and Holidays

African Horseback Safaris & Holidays

Horse Riding Safaris and Holidays in True African Wilderness Areas in Zimbabwe and Zambia

victoria falls horseriding safaris

Horse Safaris & Trails Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

2 or 3 Hours as well as full day

from a few hours to a full day of riding for experienced riders
also shorter rides for novices.

routes take you along the banks of the Zambezi River, exploring the forests and the Batoka gorge.

Horseback Safaris Mavuradonha Mountains

a 5 day safari in the remote and rugged Mavuradonha Mountains starts and ends Harare.Zimbabwe
enjoy the peace and solitude of nature as you spend days exploring the valleys and woodlands
no electricity - no newspapers - no interruptions; just you and nature

Horseback Safari - Okavango Delta Botswana

half day Horseback or Walking safaris from a Luxury Safari Camp


Horse Safaris - Victoria Falls



Pictures African Horseback Safari

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