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Types: Full Participation are the Cheapest , Semi Participation and Semi Luxury Backed Up Canoe Safaris

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The river guides are required to pass stringent proficiency tests and gain extensive experience before qualifying to run trips.

An even smaller pool of Professional Guides and Professional Hunters with river guide licences exists.

Professional Guides are used on the backed up safaris in Mana Pools and we generally use a Professional Guide for our tailor made trips

Usual Daily Routine

As the Zambezi Valley can get hot in the summer months, we start early to make the most part of the cool part of the day. The same applies for the late afternoons, while shade is sought during the hottest time of the day.

06:00/06:30 – wake up call – tea/coffee and biscuits served and pack up camp
07:00/07:30 – launch canoes – start canoeing
09:00/09:30 – stop for breakfast (full English breakfast)
10:30/11:00 – start canoeing
12:30/13:00 – stop for lunch and siesta
14:30 – start canoeing again
16:30/17:00 – stop at night spot – set up camp etc organise supper etc.

The Zambezi riverside areas have open mature woodland, interspersed with glades and pools, and the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees gives a surreal effect

This majestic wilderness, combined with an abundance of game, leaves the impression of stepping through a time warp to prehistoric times

Full participation canoe safaris

on the Zambezi, are "camping-type" trips on which all gear and provisions are carried in the canoes and overnight stops are made at specific camp spots on islands or on the mainland

• Canoeists sleep in two-man bow tents or under mosquito nets draped over a paddle

• All meals are prepared by the guide and canoeists assist with camp chores (erecting tents, fetching water, cleaning up etc.)

• Ablutions are rudimentary - "Doug" is a small spade, "Lucy" is toilet seat on a light frame

• Safaris operate mainly on the Zambian shorelines. In Zimbabwe, from Kariba to Kanyemba, in Zambia, from Kafue to Chongwe (equivalent to Zimbabwe's Chirundu to Mana Pools leg)

These safaris offer the most flexibility and are suited for intrepid adventurers of all ages - from experience they are always a load of fun. Safety and track record of the operator is very important - on the full participation canoe safaris

Walking into Mana Pools and other safari areas on the Zimbabwean shoreline are not permitted on these safaris

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