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Meals & Drinks wilderness canoeing Zambezi

Daily meal plan and drinks supplied on Zambezi River adventures

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All meals, cordials and treated municipal water are supplied in containers

Complimentary local wine is provided with evening dinner

Clients may purchase additional beverages prior to the start of the safari

Cooler boxes and ice are provided for this

All Jumbo food is supplied FREE as paper bark money, disguised in 1800 species of trees, some with delicious leaves, pods and fruit

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As the Zambezi Valley can get hot in the summer months, we start early to make the most part of the cool part of the day. The same applies for the late afternoons, while shade is sought during the hottest time of the day


Typically then, we are up early (6.30am) for tea/coffee along with biscuits before we set off downstream at usually around 7.30am


Breakfast stop at approx (8 – 9am) on the banks of the river for an English breakfast comprising of tinned fruit, eggs, Bacon sausages, toast and Jams. Tea/coffee and coffee is then served before starting off again


An assortment of cold meats, green salads, rolls, cheeses along with a variety of sauces and pickled vegetables to complete the meal


Snacks followed by a full dinner consisting of either beef or chicken dish with two green vegetables and a carbohydrate

Please note:
Should there be any dietary preferences, we can cater in most cases for them, if given sufficient warning

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