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Wilderness Zambezi river adventure-Tips & Facts

Camping and Canoe trips - Facts, Tips, maps and General Information for Zambezi river trips

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Where the season never ends

« The cooler months of April to August when the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next, are very pleasant but warm clothing is necessary in the evenings

« June to November is generally the best time of year to canoe in terms of wildlife concentrations. Much of the inland water has dried up, and game tends to move onto the riverfront for water.

« As the Zambezi Valley can get hot in the summer months September to March, you start early to make the most part of the cool part of the day. The same applies for the late afternoons, while shade is sought during the hottest time of the day

« Temperatures are at the highest over September and October in the Valley, almost unbearable but game viewing and fishing is exceptional

« In November the rains start and end in March which does moderate temperatures somewhat and water proof clothing is required

Age Restriction

Minimum age is 15 years. There is no maximum age, however clients must be reasonably fit. The age limit may be flexible for a specific group booking with prior consent

National Parks Fees : Zimbabwe
Entrance fee - per person per day**
Launch fee - per person **
**(to be settled direct by client on arrival)

Any health concerns or medical conditions such as allergies, epilepsy etc should be brought to the attention of the management prior to the start of the safari.

Medical consultation on Malarial prophylactics should be attained prior to arrival


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Equipment Supplied on canoe camping trips

We use two man 18-foot Canadian Canoes with containment nets and ropes to ensure both safari and personal belongings are secure at all times.

Each canoe has five buoyancy chambers, while the bucket seats are cushioned allowing a reasonable level of back support

Single bladed paddles are used and life jackets supplied

Two-man mosquito netted bow tents are used which allows for a full view of the night sky and maximum aeration

Sleeping bags, liners (sleeping bags inners, personnel sheets) and airline pillows are also provided along with roll out mattresses.

Other equipment includes: Cooler boxes, tables, chairs, gas cookers, melamine crockery, cutlery and a variety of other items are provided, to ensure a reasonable level of comfort is maintained for the duration of your canoeing safari.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are used as supporting vehicles for transfers and game drives where included.

Boat transfers may also be used depending on the weather and time of year

Safety on Zambezi canoe camping trips

All canoe safari guides carry VHF hand held radios. Each camp has an HF and VHF base set which allows communication between base camps, vehicles and canoes. M.A.R.S. (Medial Air Rescue Service) is also on the radio

Each professional canoe guide has passed stringent National Parks canoeing exams prior to leading a canoeing safari


All clients are covered by Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS) through the company, however this only covers them for emergency evacuation in life threatening situations

It does not cover their hospitalization and medication. As such travel and medical insurance is COMPULSORY for all clients. Please ensure clients have arranged this insurance in their own country prior to leaving so as to cover unexpected medical expenses and loss / theft of personal effects

Please ensure clients bring the details of their insurance policy with them. Clients will not be covered should they not have insurance.

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