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Wilderness Canoe and Adventure Trips

In the pristine wilderness area of Lower Zambezi, canoe safaris are the cheapest and best ways to experience this Eden

eland herd mana pools

There isn't a river in the world that offers the big game location and wilderness adventure
that you'll find on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia

No one is ever disappointed in a Lower Zambezi Wilderness Canoe trip

Lower Zambezi Park was only declared a national park in 1983 (before then the area belonged to Zambia’s president). This has resulted in the park being protected from the ravages of mass tourism and remains one of the few pristine wilderness areas left in Africa

Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools Park is directly opposite so the river is truly a wilderness travel destination

The Lower Zambezi is wonderfully unspoilt, untamed and refreshingly untouristy.

Vast populations of large mammals

Most large mammals in the national park congregate on the floodplain, including buffalo, numerous elephants, lions, leopards and many antelope, crocodiles and hippopotamuses. There are also around 500 species of birds.

The black rhinoceroses died out around 1983

Mysteries of this wilderness wonderland

One of the mysteries of the Lower Zambezi wilderness is that neither giraffe nor wildebeest have ever been recorded there, although the habitat is entirely suitable and both occur to the north, south and west.- no one is sure why.

Giraffe : The giraffe in particular is an African icon, instantly recognised around the world. This is a truly unique animal — the genus contains only a single species

Zebra : From this wilderness area northwards, Zebra have shadowless stripes. To the south zebra have a shadow to their stripes - no one knows why

zebra kissing


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Best of All

Zambezi has the lure of unplugged travel - no internet access

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