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Victoria Falls - Nature Sanctuary

Crocodile farm and nature sanctuary - many species of interesting animals - on site leather workshop

lots of crocs

Crocodile Farm

■ Allows you to see how to rear these reptiles from eggs to full adult crocodiles. The eggs hatch in about December or January so if you are here in those months ask to see them.
■ Feeding times are a highlight and we recommend taking a guided tour with one of our experienced guides.
Feeding time is at 10.15am to 10.30am and 3.45pm to 4.00pm daily.

Nature sanctuary- Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

crocodiles of all sizes - tea garden - curio shop- museum - video auditorium - small zoo - Lillians Lovebirds (The easiest way to photograph this endangered bird species )


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Crocodile Farm
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Crocodile Farm

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