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Adrenaline Activities at Victoria falls

Fun for the whole family either on Vic Falls Bridge or Batoka Gorge with some real adrenaline rush

zip line victoria falls

2 sites are available for adrenaline activities

Rates 01 January - 31 December 2017 per person
Batoka Gorge Adrenaline Activities
Operates year round / Transfers ARE Included
Victoria Falls Bridge Activities
Operates year round /
Transfers are NOT included
Gorge Swing only
Tandem Gorge Swing
US$ 95
US$ 137
Bridge Swing
Bridge Swing - Tandem
US$ 160
US$ 240
Zip Line
Tandem Zip Line
US$ 67
US$ 111
Bridge Slide
Bridge Slide - Tandem
US$ 45
US$ 65
Flying Fox
US$ 42
Bridge Tour
US$ 65
Canopy tour
US$ 53
Big Air Experience (Combo)
US$ 210
Half Day - 3 products (Flying fox, zipline & gorge swing)
US$ 137

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Half Day - 4 products (Flying fox, zipline, gorge swing, canopy tour)
US$ 174
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Bridge Swing operates from the same platform as the bungi jumping but utilizes the System B.

The most substantial difference between the Bridge Swing and the Bungi Jump is that there is only one method of attachment. That attachment is done using both the pelvis and sternum attachment of the full body harness.

The swing is done using two 65 meter static line climbing ropes attached to a 10 tonne safe working load cable by a steel clamp. A 1m bungi cord is positioned on the clamp to provide the swinger with a smoother ride and more comfortable swing

videos Vic Falls Bridge Swing

fact file Bridge Adrenaline

Bungee Jump - Building the Vic Falls Bridge

Bridge Slide ( foofie slide / zip line)

The slide starts on the Zambian bank of the gorge and ends in a slow stop on the Victoria Falls bridge

The slide platform consists of two areas, one of which are available for viewing purposes and the other is restricted solely for the slider/s and the crew.

Sliders are harnessed by the slide assistant outside of the restricted area and then invited in to get attached to the slider. The clients are attached to the cable using a twin bearing inbound pulley that can take up 1.5 tonnes

Bridge Sl

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