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World Heritage, Sterkfontein & Wildlife

Cradle of Humankind - located within the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve with 4 of the big 5

Museum at Sterkfontein

A Safari with a twist - learn about Man's early beginnings with modern Technology

World Heritage and Wildlife Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

• Visit to the Origins Centre, where you can discover the story of how human life began in Africa, followed by the creation of tools, language, art and spirituality
• Experience cutting edge technology with holograms, virtual visual shows and do a basic DNA test on a touch screen
• The Rhino and Lion Park where we stop for lunch (not included) and experience the exhilaration of possible interaction with lion cubs
• A visit to ‘The Wonder Cave’ and a tour of the park experiencing the Big 4

Discovered at the site of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site and dated to over two million years old is the Sediba fossils

Marupeng The new interprative center just up the road from the caves It also has a great view with several restaraunts. . It has an interactive center that takes you through the history of man up to present day

The Rhino and Lion Park -
Kromdraai Road, Johannesburg, South Africa
interact with Lion Cubs and experience the Big 4
The game park is located has more than 30 species of game that can be viewed from the comfort of your car

Sterkfontein Caves. Sterkfontein Caves Road, Johannesburg


World Heritage & Wildlife Satellite


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