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Durban African Birds of Prey Sanctuary

A must visit from either Durban or Pietermaritzburg. Camperdown African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Yellow Billed Kite

Watch these aerial predators in flight and learn more about South African raptors and why they are a protected species

African Birds of Prey Sanctuary

is a rehabilitation centre for sick and injured birds.

Behind the scenes - research is practical and on-going as is the specialised breeding programs

Creative and imaginative education helps bring more understanding of these magnificent masters of the sky

Which Birds Will You See?

Secretary bird ■ Marabou Storks ■ Black Shouldered and Yellow Billed Kites ■ large variety of the Falcons including the Taita ■ Pearl Spotted and Cape Eagle owls and many others.

Vultures: white backed - cape - white headed - bearded - Egyptian - hooded - palmnut

Along Eagle Alley find the bateleur - tawny - crowned - martial and Verreaux : not forgetting the Hawks, Kestrels and Buzzards

On site facilities include

Curio shop : Restaurant : Children's playground
Photo Gallery : Fun Family Entertainment - Flight Displays

Visitor Information

Open: Tuesday to Sunday : 09h00 - 16h30

Closed : Mondays - Comrades Marathon day - Christmas day

Show Times:
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday : 10h30
Weekends & Public Holidays: 10h30 & 15h00
Vulture Feeding Sessions : weekends and public holidays : 12h30

Raptor Rescue HOTLINE 082 35 90 900

for more info Visitor Information


African Birds of Prey | Vultures

Directions to Birds of Prey | 2| KwaZulu-Natal Map

African Birds of Prey

Want to get involved? Ask about Feathered Friends program

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