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Activities at Walvis Bay Namibia

The special attraction of Walvis Bay, Namibia’s only deep-sea harbour, is the huge natural lagoon bubbling with an overwhelming abundance of seabirds

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The huge natural lagoon bubbling with an overwhelming abundance of seabirds. 120.000 birds are common on the lagoon and include innumerable flamingos and pelicans among them. Every year 200,000 migratory birds join them
Activities in Walvis Bay are varied including sand boarding - paragiding - birding tours - scenic flights - beach or deep water fishing


Choose between ski boats and catamaran in the calm and protected lagoon area of Walvis Bay. Entertainment is provided by two types of dolphins, a large seal colony at pelican, some seals who climb onto the boat for a fishy snack, and wonderful photographic opportunities of low-flying pelicans.
To round off the trip get spoilt with fresh Walvis Bay oysters, snacks, and cold sparkling wine served on board. Beer and soft drinks are also included.
Duration: 09h00 – 12h30
Minimum participants: 2

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Greater Flamingoes in Lake

This adventure offers a magical kayaking experience on the beautiful lagoon and in the surrounding water of Walvis Bay.

Spectacular bird-life will fascinate and captivate both nature lovers and photographers alike.

All kayaking excursions are guided by an experienced guide / birder, refreshments and transfer from Walvis Bay to starting point included.

No prior kayaking experience is necessary.

Duration: 08h30 – 13h00
Minimum participants: 2

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