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White Water Rafting - Livingstone- Vic Falls

Full day and half day rafting from Livingstone on the Zambian side of Vic Falls

Regarded as the best White Water Rafting in the world - down the Zambezi river

white water rafting batoka gorge

Approximately 50 000 people per year enjoy white water rafting on the Zambezi on a stretch of water that is now internationally acclaimed as the Best White Water Rafting Trip available in the World. The Zambian side has a Lift Out assist at rapid 25

General info- white water rafting Zambia


■ High water (approx. January to August)
The "High Water" Rafting Season runs approximately from the middle of January to the beginning of August, depending upon the water level each year.

Please note that rafting can close between January and June for safety reasons due to water levels being too high.
Rapids #11 to #25 returning at approx 15h30


■ Low water (approx. August to January )
The "Low Water" Rafting Season runs approximately from the middle of July to the middle of January, depending upon the water level each year this can change as and when levels increase or decrease.
Full day Rapids #1 to #25 including lift out

The popularity of the Low Water Rafting run on the Zambian side of the Zambezi River is both due to the opportunity of experiencing the incredible view of the Victoria Falls from the Boiling Pot and the added advantage of a lift out of the gorge at rapid #25

Rates valid to 31 December 2017
excludes park fees

Full Day : Low Water
Rapids 1 - 25
US$ 160

Half Day : High WaterRapids 11 - 25
US$ 160

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