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The Victoria Falls Tour - Zambia

Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke that Thunders) is a 1,750 metre Curtain of Water Cascading over a 100m drop

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When to tour Victoria Falls

May to August offers the best compromise between a flow rate which impresses with its sheer power, and the falls not being completely obscured by spray

During high water visitors can get wet at the Falls and cameras should be sealed in plastic bags.
The unusual form of Victoria Falls enables virtually the whole width of the falls to be viewed face-on, at the same level as the top, from as close as 60 metres, because the whole Zambezi River drops into a deep, narrow gorge.

Few other waterfalls allow such a close approach on foot

During peak flow (February to May) the Zambian side of the Falls is the most spectacular on foot

There are walkways to look out points and across the swaying Knife Edge bridge. The spray on the Zimbabwe side at this time (February to May) makes it difficult to see anything on foot, but this changes with the seasons

From May onwards as the annual flood abates, the view of Victoria falls gets better and better and photographic opportunities from the Rain Forest path in Zimbabwe improve.
At this time most of the falls can be seen from the Zimbabwe side

Rainforest: Around the Falls is a rainforest sustained by the spray of the Falls with some plant species rarely found elsewhere in Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Somewhere, over the moonbow: The spray can be seen for miles, and on a clear, bright, moonlit night it forms something called a “Moonbow "— reputedly one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on the planet. The best time to see Victoria Falls, moonbow is during a full Moon and when the spray is high ( Jan to July )

The climate varies between:

  • perfect (April to August)
  • very hot and dry (Sept and October )
  • hot with mainly thunder showers ( Nov to March)

do not rush your stay in Livingstone

It is the adventure capital of Africa if not the world
So much to see and do that any season is a thrill, even when the water is at it's lowest and the white water rafting is at it's wildest


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