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Jetboat Extreme Victoria Falls

Jet boating is a thrilling adventure on the Zambezi River in the Batoka Gorge below the Victoria Falls

Jetboat in Batoka Gorge

Pumping vast amounts of power from huge jet engines, these powerboats shoot down the rapids
below the Victoria Falls at 100 km an hour.
A thrilling half hour spent flying over the water and 'buzzing' rock faces between rapids 23 and 27.

Jet Boating Extreme

■ The Jet Boat Extreme tour starts at the Day Activity Centre (Livingstone) and you are transferred by specially adapted Land-Rover vehicles (approximately 1 hour) to your entry point at the gorge.

You meander down the gorge approximately 270 m (880 feet) in a scenic cable car lift, where you meet your jet boat pilot for a briefing. Water and soft drinks are available.

One of the most thrilling 30 minutes of your life is about to begin. After the ride, you no longer have to walk the 880 feet out of the gorge as you now board the cable car for the 8 minute ride out.

Ice-cold beer and soft drinks await you at the top after which you are transferred back to the Day Activity Centre (Livingstone).

Rates 01 January - 31 December 2017
excludes park entry fees

US$ 120 per person
(includes cable car)

Jet Extreme Zambia
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