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Things to See & Do- Livingstone Vic Falls Zambia

The new Kaza Univisa means that activities can be done from either Livingstone or Victoria Falls side with a minimum of hassle

The KAZA UNIVISA is valid for 30 days as long as you remain in Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Visitors can cross into Zimbabwe / Zambia as frequently as they like within the 30 day period. It costs US$ 50, is applicable to 40 countries and available at major local airports 

'At a Glance'- What to See and Do on the Zambian Side of Vic Falls.
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Victoria Falls

Livingstone Activities

Livingstone is a safari hub and an adventure capital - where adrenalin pumps high when you take on the Zambezi river

Whether whitewater rafting or bunji jump the thrill is awesome

When you get tired of the adventure slow the pace with a round of golf or some fishing

How about a tour of the Falls or take in some game viewing at the Mosi oa Tunya national park

Feeling nostalgic then head for the Railway Museum or have dinner on the Royal Livingstone Express train service

Air Flips

'Flight of Angels' over 'The Smoke that Thunders'

  • THE BEST way to view The Victoria Falls at High Water. Jan - March
  • During the flood period clouds of spray rise high into the sky
  • Drenching all tourists at ground level
  • The aerial view at this time however is spectacular
  • Flights are either by Helicopter or Micro Light and called "Flight of the Angels"
  • Breath taking views of Victoria falls, Zambezi channels and Batoka gorge
  • Air Flips

    Air flips over the Falls

    View the magnificent Victoria Falls from the air either in a helicopter or microlight.

    Awesome views as you circle the Falls and the Batoka Gorge - flying time for both is approx.

    15 minutes.

    Tours are available all year round.

    You can also combine these flips with a game viewing trip.

    White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting Zambezi

    Get wet (very wet), have fun (lots of it), as you raft the Zambezi river through the Batoka Gorge.

    Acclaimed as the best white water rafting in the world for their steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas.

    Multi Day WWR

    Multi Day White Water Rafting

    A different type of experience on this river safari offering magnificent scenery and wildlife in remote reaches of the Batoka gorge as you raft from Livingstone to the Matetsi river.

  • Scheduled Trips during Low water below the Falls from August
  • Year round above Victoria falls sleeping on Islands
  • River Boarding

    River Boarding & White Water Rafting

    Learn basic riverboarding in still water before getting into moving water to surf, ride whirlies and fly underwater.

    One of the Best Riverboarding experiences in the World


    Kayak Africa.

    Down to the rapids in Topolino Dueo kayaks (the only 2 person white water kayak in the world).

    Classed as a high volume pool drop river, kayaking the Zambezi river offers another exciting adventure.

    Jet Boats

    Jet Boat Extreme

    More adrenaline adventure fun on this 30 minute Zambezi river trip as you speed through the Batoka gorge on jet propelled boats.

    Wild and wet as you rush past the gorge walls and spin on flat water.

    Only takes place during Low Water approx from July / Aug

    Zambezi River Cruise

    Zambezi River Cruise

    Have breakfast, lunch or dinner on a river cruise.

    Cruise along the boundary of the Mosi oa Tunya national park, around Siloka Island and back to the jetty with good sightings of elephant, hippos, crocodiles and excellent birdlife.

    Upper Zambezi Canoeing

    Upper Zambezi Canoeing

    Starting 25 kms upstream from the Victoria Falls, approx. 18 kms will be spent canoeing with a stop for lunch on one of the many islands.

    The trail ends at the Mosi oa Tunya national park where guests are driven through the park.

    Elephant Back Rides

    Elephant Back Safari Trail

    An experience never to be forgotten as you "ride" through riverine bush and shallow areas of the Zambezi river.

    Interact and learn more about the gentle giants of Africa.

    Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    Novice and experienced riders can explore the channels of the upper Zambezi on a horse safari.

    The shortest ride is about 2 hours and horse safaris are an excellent way to getting close up to the wildlife.

    Game Drives

    Game Drives

    In the Mosi oa Tunya national park either a morning or afternoon drive of approx. 2.5 hours.

    Although a small park, it is home to white rhino, buffalo, giraffe and a variety of antelope species.

    Rhino Walks

    Rhino Walk & Game Walk

    Experience a game walk in the Mosi oa Tunya national park with good photographic opportunities of white rhino.

    This safari is about 4 hours with walking on average 1 to 2 hours

    Fishing Excursions

    Fishing Excursions

    There are 75 species of fish on the upper Zambezi but the prize is always the Tigerfish.

    Fly, spin or bait fishing with an experienced guide - fish can be caught all year round.

    Guided tour of the Falls

    Guided Tour of the Falls

    The Falls can be viewed from both the Zambian side or the Zimbabwe side.

    Take the guided tour for a more in depth look at this world heritage site and awesome spectacle of approx. 550-million litres of water falling every minute.

    Chobe Trip

    Chobe Day Trip

    Cross the Zambezi river into Botswana and spend the day viewing large herds of elephant, buffalo and antelope.

    After lunch enjoy a 3 game drive in Chobe national park before returning to Livingstone by sunset.

    Chief Mukunis Village

    Chief Mukunis Village Cultural Tour

    An opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of Zambia, visiting the home of the Leya people as David Livingstone knew them.

    Guests will see firsthand everyday village life - unchanged for centuries.

    Livingstone island Picnic

    Livingstone Island Picnic

    Picnic in the middle of the Zambezi river on an island as close to the Falls as you can get.

    Access is by speed boat (twin engine just in case :-)) then a short walk to enjoy another amazing adventure in Africa

    Optional. Sit on the Devils Throne in Devils Pool sometime from July/Aug and December and prey that you don't Bungi without a Rope

    Steam Train

    Stream Train

    For the more nostalgic traveller the area offers short steam train rides from the Livingstone Station to the beautiful Victoria Falls Bridge (short stopover with great photo-opportunities) and back.

    The views are magnificent and you come to understand why Cecil John Rhodes picked this route on his Cape to Cairo railway.

    The steam train can also take passengers to Jafuta Siding outside of Victoria Falls for more spectacular views.

    bridge tour

    Bridge Tour

  • The bridge tour affords a magnificent view both down the gorge on the one side and through to the falls on the other
  • Victoria Falls Border Bridge
  • 365 days per year
  • The bridge is between Zambia & Zimbabwe
  • Bring your Passport
  • bungi jumping

    Bungi Jumping

  • Bungi Jumping 111 meters
  • Bridge Swing - 111 meters
  • Bridge Slide - 240 meters (Across the gorge)
  • Combination called Big Air Experience discounted price
  • Victoria Falls Border Bridge
  • 365 days per year
  • 0900 to 1700 (Start at 10h00 in High Water)
  • Closed for lunch
  • clients to arrange their own transfers / transport to bridge
  • Don't forget your passport
  • crocodile farm

    Crocodile Farm

  • man-eating crocodiles
  • Zambia's most dangerous venomous snakes
  • see the Crocodile Dundee of Livingstone
  • High Wire

    High Wire

  • Abseiling - Repelling 54 meters moving down the sheer gorge wall backwards
  • Rap Jumping - Run 54 meters down a sheer cliff wall, as fast as you like
  • The gorge swing entails throwing yourself off the edge of the cliff attached to a body harness
  • Flying Fox - you take a running dive off the edge of the cliff
  • 350 meter long whoopee or foofie slide
  • bridge tour

    Lion Safari

  • Walk in the African bush with lions and lion handlers
  • AM and PM walks every day
  • Safari ends with a choice of snacks and drinks
  • Videos are available for purchase and will be delivered to guests' hotels
  • moonbow

    Moonbow of the Falls

  • look on the Lunar Rainbow, which the light of the moon shining through the spray creates
  • a natural wonder without equal
  • For three nights each month (one on either side of the actual full moon date) the Rainforest is open for a dramatic lunar rainbow
  • a rare natural phenomenon produced by the moon
  • also known as a moon bow or lunar bow or white rainbow
  • Only 2 places on earth with regular predictable lunar rainbows
  • Victoria falls is one of them
  • quad biking

    Quad Biking

  • 6 Honda TRX250 cc four stroke quad bikes
  • The various trails start from BATOKA LAND
  • The routes optimise your experience in the virgin African bush
  • trials are conducted at a leisurely pace that suits you
  • Scenic Flights

    Flight of Angels over Victoria Falls

    Water Activities

    White Water Rafting Livingstone

    Multi Day White Water Rafting

    River Boarding & White Water Rafting

    Jetboat Extreme - Batoka Gorge

    Above Victoria Falls

    Zambezi River Cruises

    Upper Zambezi Canoeing

    Wilderness Safaris

    Elephant Back Safari Trail

    Horse Trails along the Zambezi River

    Game Drives into Mosi-oa-Tunya

    Rhino Walk in Mosi-oa-Tunya park

    Fishing Excursions

    Land Activities & Tours

    Guided Tour of the Falls

    Chobe Day Trip

    Chief Mukuni Village Cultural Tour

    Devils Pool Livingstone Island Picnic

    Steam Train nostalgia

    Bunji Jumping off Vic Falls bridge

    Crocodile Farm - Gwembe

    High Wire Adventure

    Lion Walking Encounter

    Moonbow excursions

    Quad Biking - Batoka gorge

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