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Gwembe Crocodile Farm Tour Zambia

Gwembe Crocodile Farm is only a few km's from Livingstone on the way to the Falls

Here you can view some of Livingstone's most notorious man-eating crocodiles as well as a fascinating collection of Zambia's most dangerous venomous snakes

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Crocodile Farm - Zim

Croc Dundee of Livingstone - The Scotsman Joe Brookes " true Celtic toughness"

Jo has been in Africa for over 50 years, and has worked with crocodiles for around 20 of these remarkable, action packed years.
He calmly enters the pen containing several 12 foot sleeping monsters, the feared Crocodylus niloticus, armed only with a stick, quick reflexes and a deep understanding of these prehistoric creatures

Groups gasp in awe as he meanders amongst the hissing bodies, explaining the fascinating physiology and remarkable survival techniques

Just as the group starts to relax, Jo reaches down and touches the tail of the biggest croc in the pen, all the while reeling off more and more interesting facts. Clients are holding their breath, some hardly daring to look, not quite comprehending what they are witnessing. Jo then goes up to a bridge above the pen, and swings a large hunk of meat above the passive bodies. 

Suddenly the pen erupts into a swirling mass of raw power and smashing jaws, and the meat disappears in seconds. This is repeated until Jo is sure each of his crocs has had "a bit of a snack".



People leave the croc farm feeling enlightened, terrified and utterly in awe of a fearless Scotsman and the powerful predators he loves so much

Courtesy of Cansaf - Creative Teaming International


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Gwembe Crocodile Farm Tour Zambia

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