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Zimbabwe Visas and Embassies

Zimbabwe visa requirements


If you are not staying for longer than six months, you can enter Zimbabwe with a minimum of formalities.
You will need a valid passport, a return ticket to your country (or enough money to buy one) and sufficient funds to cover your stay in Zimbabwe. Your passport is valuable. Don’t hand your passport over to unauthorized persons or pack it in your luggage. If your passport is lost or stolen report it immediately to the Local police, and to the nearest relevant embassy or consulate

Photocopy your passport, air tickets, travelers cheque's, credit cards and visas, insurance documents etc.

Remember to keep originals and copies separate

The general criteria is for you to have acceptable travel documents, possess sufficient funds to support yourself whilst in Zimbabwe, and have the means of returning to your home country

Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of entry required by all

Category A

Countries whose nationals do not require visas
Antigua & Barbuda Grenada Maldives St Lucia Vanuatu
Arbua Hong Kong  Malta St Vincent & The Grenadies Zambia
Bahamas Hong Kong (China) Mauritius Swaziland South Africa
Barbados Jamaica Montserrat Tanzania  
Belize Kenya Nambia Tonga  
Botswana Karibati Nauru Trinidad & Tobago  
Caymen Leeward (S) Samoa Western Turks & Caicos Islands  
Congo (DRC) Lesotho Singapore Tuvalu  
Cyprus Malasia Solomon Island Uganda  
Fiji Malawi St Kitts Mozambique  

Category B

Countries whose nationals are granted visas at the port of entry on payment of the requiste visa fees
** Britain/UK/Ireland - US$55 single entry / US$70 double entry / US$90 Multiple entry
*** Canada - US$75 single entry, NO double entry - multiple only available from local embassy prior to departure
Rest: US$30 single entry / US$45 double entry
Argentina Egypt Korea (South) Puerto Rico
Austria Finland Kuwait Seychelles
Australia France Liechtenstein Slovac
Belguim Germany Luxembourg Spain
Bermuda Ghana* (*Gratis Visas) Monaco Sweden
Brazil Greece Netherlands Switzerland
Britain (UK) ** Hungary New Zealand United Arab Emirates
Brunei Indonesia Norway Uruguay
Canada *** Iceland Palau Islands USA
Cook Island Ireland ** Palestine (State of) Vatican
Czech Republic Isreal Papau New Guinea Virgin Island
Denmark Italy Poland Russia
Dominic Rep Japan Portugal  

Category C

Countries whose nationals are required to apply for and obtain visas PRIOR to travelling
Afghanistan Conakry Jordan Oman Tunisia
Albania Cote D'Ivoire Kazakhstan Pakistan Turkey
Algeria Croatia Korea Panama Turkmenistan
Andorra Cuba Kyrgyzstan Paraguay Ukraine
Angola Djibouti Republic Laos Peru Uzebikstan
Amenia El Savador Latvia Phllipines Venezuela
Azerbaijan Equator Lebannon Principe Vietnam
Bahrain Equatorial Guinnea Liberia Qatar Yemen Rep
Bangladeshi Eritrea Libya Reunion Yugoslavia
Belarus Estonia Lithuania Romania  
Benin Ethiopia Macau Rwanda  
Bhutan Eyrom Madagascar Samoa (America)  
Bolivia French Guiana Marshall Island San Marino  
Bosnia Herzegovina French West Indies Mauritania Sao Tome  
Bulgaria Gabon Mexico Saudi Arabia  
Burkina Faso Gambia Micronesia Senegal  
Burundi Georgia Moldova Serbia  
Cambodia Gibraltar Mongolia Sierra Leone  
Cameroon Guam Morrocco Slovenia  
Cape Verde Islands Guatemala Myanmar Somalia  
Central Africa Rep Guinea Nepal Sri Lanka  
Chad Guinea Bissau New Caledonia Sudan  
Chile Guyana Nicaragua Suriname  
China Haiti Nieu Syria  
Colombia Honduras Niger Tajikistan  
Comores Islands India Nigeria Taiwan  
Congo (Brazaville) Iran Norfolk Islands Thailand  
Costa Rica Iraq Northern Madana Togo  


Visa Requirements:
a) A passport valid for at least six months
b) Completion of the prescribed forms (available).
c) Payment of the applicable visa fee.
d) All nationals on category B may apply for visas at the Consulate.
The fees are payable in US$ or Rands at the applicable exchanged rates on the date.

Visas - Visa and Cost: | Embassies and Consulates

Single entry visa is valid for 6 months, double entry visa is valid for 3 months,
multiple entry visas are valid for 6 months and are only issued in Harare

Zimbabwe Consulate: Johannesburg
Tel + 27 (11) 8382156-59 Fax (011) 8385620
17 th Floor CCMA House, 20 Anderson St, Marshalltown, Johannesburg
Consulate website

This is a guide only - please check with your nearest Zimbabwe Consulate for up to date information. It is the responsibility of all visitors to Zimbabwe to obtain all necessary visas in advance

Zimbabwe Embassies & Consulates Overseas


High Commission Of Zimbabwe, 11 Culgoa Circuit,
O'Mally, Canberra, ACT 2606
Tel: (02) 6286 2700
Fax: 6290 1680

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
1st Floor, IGI Building, PO Box 1232, Gaborone
Tel: 314495 Fax: 305863

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
332 Somerset St West, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0J9
Tel: (613) 237 4388 Fax: 563 8269

Ambassador Of Zimbabwe
5 Rue de Tilsitt, 75008, Paris
Tel: 01 53 81 90 10 Fax: 01 53 81 90 190

Ambassador Of Zimbabwe - Villichgasse 7, Bonn
Tel: (0228) 356071 Fax: 356309

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
6th Floor Minnet ICDC Building, Mamlanka Rd, PO 30806, Nairobi
Tel: (02) 721071

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
7th Floor Gemini House, PO Box 30187, Lilongwe
Tel: 784988

High Commissioner Of Zimbabwe
Ave Kenneth Kaunda 816/820, Caixa Poatal 743, Maputo
Tel: (1) 499404 Fax: (1) 492293
617 Rua Francisco Dechage Almeda, Ponde Gea, P.O. Box 649, Beira Tel: (3) 327950 Fax : (3) 328942

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
Gamsberg Building, PO Box 23056, Windhoek
Tel: (061) 227738
Fax: 226859

South Africa
High Commission Of Zimbabwe
798 Mertons, Arcadia, Pretoria
Tel: (021) 342 5125

Consulate of Zimbabwe
17th Floor CCMA Building, 20 Anderson St
Marshaltown, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Telephone No: + 27 (0)11 838 2156-59
Fax No: + 27 (0)11 838 5620

Consulate Of Zimbabwe
55 Kuyper St, Cape Town

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
6th Floor New Life House, Sokaine Drive/Ohio St,
PO Box 20762, Dar es Salaam
Tel: 514 6259

High Commission Of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe House, 429 The Strand, London WC2R 0SA
Tel: (0171) 836 7755
Fax: 379 1167

Ambassador Of Zimbabwe
1608 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington DC 20009
Tel: (202) 332 7100
Fax: 438 9326

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