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About African Animals Facts, Spoor & Habits

Wild African animals with Picture Slide Shows, Facts, Behaviour and Track ( spoor) identification

The continent of Africa is host to the most diverse and extensive wildlife show on earth with an amazing variety of animals


African Animals

First time visitors will want to see plenty of game, mainly large animals The trick is to look beyond that and begin to see the whole context, the inter-relationships of smaller animals, birds and habitats and soon you will discover not only Africa but a whole new world

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African Antelope 1

African Antelope 2

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Small Animals






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Travel and Tour Packages for Southern Africa

Based in South Africa we co-ordinate airflights, road transfers and activities at best possible prices - to the  most extensive wildlife show on earth.

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Pictures of African Animals- Index

Pictures of African Birds - Index

* Dogs, cattle and even horses kill more people on other continents than wild animals in Africa, so respect them but don't fear them

* Wild animals are Gods gifts to you, enjoy while you can

* the allure of Africa, a continent bursting with natural beauty and wild animals, can be an affordable trip for most travelers

Tailor-made Itineraries for Your African Safari

African Animals
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