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Hwange Waterhole

Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe

Once a royal hunting ground of the Zulu warrior King Mzilikazi, the park was proclaimed in 1929. Hwange boasts a tremendous selection of wildlife with over 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 100 species of trees and shrubs

Hwange park is about a 2 hour drive from Victoria Falls. It has its own airport, shops and restaurant and a reasonable road infrastructure

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Hwange National Park Safari Lodges.

10 x Safari Lodges operating around Hwange park.

From luxury African safari to some at surprising reasonable rates

hwange self catering camp

Hwange Self catering Accommodation

  • A affordable and rewarding way of experiencing Hwange park
  • National Parks Board have rustic accommodation in 3 camps
  • Main Camp, Sinamatella and Robins Camp
  • They also have camping Facilities
  • As well as rough overnight camping in the picnic sites
  • We do not do bookings for Parks Board, it's a nightmare!
  • Camping Safaris

    Hwange Camping Safari

    A wonderful way of experiencing the magic of Hwange park.

    • 3 camping options

    • Budget

    • Semi Luxury

    • Luxury

    Hwange walking safari

    Hwange Walking Safaris

    There is a significance to every part of the great circle of life that by vehicle you may never notice - the behaviour at close quarters of every creature is magnified before you, simply because you've allowed your pace to match that of the wild of Africa

    Ground Hornbill

    Tour Packages to Hwange

    Special Travel Packages that include Victoria Falls and Hwange national park

    With or without return flights from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Flights from Hwange to Kariba /Mana Pools and Victoria falls can be arranged

    Hwange waterhole

    Help Hwange

    Help Hwange national park from the present economic crisis and to preserve the animals

    Wild Dogs

    Painted Dog Project

    Save the wild dogs in Hwange national park

    The project also has a excellent anti poaching school

    Accommodation Hwange Safari Camp

    Self Catering accommodation

    Camping Safari - Hwange

    Walking Safaris - Hwange

    Tour Packages - Hwange Park

    Help Hwange Park

    Painted Dog Project

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