Mana Pools Canoeing Safaris - Zimbabwe

Canoeing Safaris on the Zambezi River from Kariba to Mana Pools park and Kanyemba with Prices. - View All page

unique wildlife safaris which offer a sense of space, peace and purpose

Mana Pools Canoeing Safaris

Zambezi river canoe with elephant

Marula Safari Kariba Gorge

Marula Safari

Kariba to Chirundu 3 days - 2 nights

Through Kariba Gorge

Departs: (All Year) Tues, Sat, Sun

Fish Eagle Safari Mana Pools

Fish Eagle Safari

6 days - 5 nights Kariba to Mana pools

Kariba Gorge and the wildlife rich Mana Pools.

Departs (All Year)

Tues, Sat, Sun

Tamarind Safari Mana Pools Ladies Elephant background

Tamarind Safari

4 days - 3 nights Chirundu to Mana Pools

Chirundu border post through forest area to Mana Pools national park.

Departs (All Year)

Mon, Tues, Thurs

Mopane Safari

Mopane Safari

4 days - 3 nights Mana Pools to Chewore

( Rich Game area )

Departs Thurs, Fri, Sun

( April to November only)

Suggest flying in & out to Mana Pools

Mupata Safari

Mupata Safari.

5 nights - 6 days

Starts from Mana Pools and finishes at Kanyemba.

A true Wilderness experience.

Thurs, Fri, Sun

(All Year)

Zambezi Classic Short

Zambezi Classic Short

8 days - 7 nights

Chirundu to Kanyemba Wildlife and unspoilt Wilderness

Departs: (All Year)

Mon, Tues, Thurs

Zambezi Classic Long

Zambezi Classic Long.

10 days - 9 nights

Kariba to Kanyemba on the Mozambique border.

Departs: (All Year)

Tues, Sat, Sun

Kariba to Chirundu
Marula - canoe safari 3 Days

Kariba to Mana Pools
Fish Eagle - canoe safari 6 Days

Chirundu to Mana Pools
All Year Round
Tamarind - canoe safari 4 Days

Mana Pools to Chewore
April to November
Mopane - canoe safari 4 Days

Kariba to Kanyemba All Year Round

Zambezi Classic Short 8 Days

Zambezi Classic Long 10 days


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