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Victoria Falls Activities - Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls 'what to see and do' on the Zimbabwe side of the falls with a discounted Price List and secure booking

More than 50 activities are available and the list is growing!! There's something for everyone. " A Daredevils Paradise"

At a Glance -Victoria falls Tourist Attractions


Victoria Falls Activities

Africa's adventure capital and major safari hub has plenty of tourist attractions for the visitor. The main source of these activities is on the Zambezi River, from helicopter flips over the Falls to white water rafting the zambezi.

Spend time on a guided tour of the Rainforest and the Falls. If you have a head for heights try the Bridge Tour or down to earth climb on board an elephant for a ride through the bush.

Play some golf, relax and enjoy a sunset cruise or pop over to Botswana and visit Chobe national park for the day


Helicopter Sightseeing Trips.

This must be THE BEST way to view the Victoria Falls.

Breath taking views await you - so have your camera ready as you fly over the Zambezi channels towards the Falls and the Batoka gorge - then circling the Falls again before returning up river to the landing stage.


White Water Rafting.

Riding the rapids on what is still considered the best white water experience in the world - this is absolute fun and adventure for everyone.

Half day, full day or multi day options also available.


Multi Day White Water Rafting

  • Very Popular Activity
  • Full Day & Overnight Trip
  • 2.5 Day Rafting Trip
  • 5 Day Rafting - Set departure dates
  • run from August to December
  • boarding

    River Boarding.

    A 3 dimensional white water experience on the Zambezi river.

    Swim rapids and surf the waves - and have fun.


    Bungee Jumping.

    Start practising now : 1, 2 3 Bungeeeee ................

    Still a number one favourite for adventure lovers.

    Heart thumping fun as you Bungee 111 meters into the Batoka gorge.


    Zambezi River Cruises.

    Sunsets on the Zambezi River are one of those MUST DO items on the travel itinerary.

    A totally memorable experience - tours offered include refreshments and the cruise takes you along part of the national park with the chance of seeing wildlife such as elephant. Sunset cruises start at 4 p.m.


    Upper Zambezi Canoeing.

    Tours vary from a few hours to multi days.

    Canoeing the upper reaches of the Zambezi river - you glide quietly past hippos and elephants.

    Paddle yourself or let one of the guides assist.

    You can also combine the multi night canoe trip with a walking safari.


    Safari Jet.

    Cruise the upper Zambezi's island and channels with a professional guide who will introduce you to the flora and fauna - finding the many rare species of birdlife as well as the regular inhabitants of the river such as the elephants and hippos.


    Elephant Back Rides.

    Climb atop one of these gentle giants for a different perspective of the world.

    After a leisurely walk through the african bush its back to base where you can feed the elephants and interact with them. Good opportunities for photography.


    Lion Walk.

    Get close and interact with a lion.

    See firsthand their behaviour in the bush - how they react to sounds - their constant grooming of one another - their clumsy attempts at trying to climb a tree.


    Chobe Day Trip.

    The Chobe River, has long been renowned for its dense game.

    Lion are common as well as large herds of buffalo.

    Elephant are prolific and reputed to be the largest concentration anywhere in Africa.

    Antelope, hippo and crocodiles are also in abundance and the birdlife is exceptional in summer.


    Horse Riding.

    Novice and experienced riders can explore the channels of the upper Zambezi on a horse safari.

    The shortest ride is about 2 hours and horse safaris are an excellent way to getting close up to the wildlife.


    Game Drives.

    Sit back and relax in an open 4 wheel drive as the professional guide uses his skills to track Africa's wildlife.

    This tour takes place some 20 km's outside Victoria Falls.


    Walking Safaris.

    Experience wildlife close up as you walk with trained guides.

    Learn to "read" the signs of nature and identify animals spoor - smell the wind - find out why trees are important - which animals browse and which prefer to graze.


    Night Drives.

    Spend an evening on a game drive searching for africa's nocturnal and elusive animals such as the leopard, then complete the evening with dinner in the bush.


    Adrenaline Day.

    - Gorge Swing

    - Abseil

    - Rap jump

    - The Whoopie foofie slide

    - Flying Fox

    - Mountain Climbing


    Guided Tours of the Falls.

    Spend a few hours on a guided tour of the Victoria Falls and the Rainforest.

    There are 17 view points of the Falls and the Rainforest provides a sanctuary to a number of small animals (duiker, Tours also include visits to a nature sanctuary and crocodile farm.


    Lunar rainbow - Victoria Falls.

    January to July are probably the best times of the year for sights of the spectacular moonbows.

    The park stays open late and viewing can be done either side of the full moon.


    Bridge Tours.

    Educational and exciting - take a tour under the Victoria Falls bridge and see for yourself a marvel of Victorian engineering.

    Views are breath taking - no need to bungi when you can walk.


    Crocodile Farm & Nature Sanctuary.

    Take a stroll around the nature sanctuary and find out all there is to know about crocodiles.

    The tour will show you crocodiles from the egg stage (hatching is normally December/January) to crocs of all sizes.

    Stop for refreshments at the tea garden and the curio shop is well worth a visit.



    At the 18 hole Gary Player designed course.

    Besides its stunning location, you will probably have to share the greens with warthog or impala.

    The well stocked Pro Shop has golf clubs and carts for hire.



    Yearly 42.2 km Victoria Falls marathon run or try the 21 km half marathon and the 5 km fun run. After the run join the party for a sunset cruise.


    Victoria Falls Events.

    Catch up on all the happenings in Victoria Falls including Mountain Bike, Zambezi Man, and Marathon competitions.

    Girl Diving with Croc

    Crocodile Diving.

    An adrenalin-packed activity with these underwater predators.

    Cage Diving can be done by the whole family and no previous diving experienced necessary.

    Available all year round and all equipment is provided.

    Steam Train iwth Driver

    Stream Train.

    A chance to relive the time at the turn of the century. .

    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the famous Victoria Falls Bridge or something romantic like a moonlight dinner..

    So slow the pace, sit back, relax and absorb the stunning scenery all around you.

    Tram Ride through Vic Falls

    Tram - Victoria Falls.

    Another unique experience in Victoria Falls offering a number of journeys from the Vic Falls Bridge run to the Safari Shuttle.

    Climb aboard and get whisked around and view Vic Falls form the comfort of the tram.

    Scenic Flights

    Helicopter Sightseeing trips

    Water Activities

    White Water Rafting | Multi Day
    River Boarding

    Bungee Jumping
    Crocodile Cage Diving

    Above Vic Falls - Zambezi River

    Canoe Safari

    Wilderness Safaris

    Elephant Rides : Lion Walk
    Chobe Day Trip
    Horse Riding Safari
    Game Drives : Walking Safaris : Night Drives

    High Wire Adrenaline Activities

    Adrenaline Day

    Victoria Falls Tours

    Guided Tour of the Falls
    Lunar Rainbow - Victoria Falls
    Bridge Tours
    Crocodile Farm & Nature Sanctuary
    Golf course - vic falls
    Steam Train : Tram

    Victoria Falls Events - Annual Fun

    Marathon : Victoria Falls Events

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    Activities Overview


    White Water Rafting

    Lion Walk

    Victoria falls Flight

    Zambezi Man

    Zambezi Man 2

    Elephant Back Trail

    Horse Safari

    Rap Jump | 2

    Restaurant - Boma


    Victoria falls activities | Attractions | Guide | Hotels | Batoka Gorge | White water rafting | Rainforest

    Combination - SPECIAL OFFERS on the Extreme Discount Program - EDP

    EDP 1 : any 2 listed activities plus cruise - US$ 295
    EDP 2 : any 3 listed activities - US$ 350
    EDP 3 : Lion & Elephant Combination - US$ 250

    Choose from : Rafting (low or high water trip) ** Canoeing (full day or half day) ** Elephants ** 12 minute Helicopter flight ** Lion Safari ** 2 hour Horse Trail ** 2 hour Game Drive ** 1 x Gorge Adrenalin activity (either gorge, swing, flying fox or zip line

    Upgrades to the EDP Package
    River Boarding - US$ 50
    Game Drive in private reserve - US$ 40
    Game Drive + Night drive + dinner - US$ 60
    Sunset cruise upgrade to Dinner cruise - US$ 32
    Replace one activity with a Bungi jump - US$ 24

    Wildlife Management Authority National Parks Fees - 2013 - Victoria falls

    Lunar Rainbow
    Bush Dinner Site
    River usage – cruise
    - Helicopters

    international $30
    international $30
    international $20
    international $10
    international $10
    international $10

    SADC $20
    SADC $30
    SADC $12
    SADC $10
    SADC $10
    SADC $10

    Border crossing times are as follows: 

    Zambian Border: - 0600hrs-2200hrs 
    Botswana Border: - 0600hrs-2000hrs

    Zimbabwe’s currency is currently in United States Dollars with Rand and Pula also accepted

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