Victoria Falls Moonbow - Zambia

For three nights each month (one on either side of the actual full moon date) the Rainforest is open for a dramatic lunar rainbow

Double Moonbow vic falls

Two locations noted for their frequent moon bow observations are Kentucky's Cumberland Falls and Africa's Victoria Falls. There, the bows form from drops in the waterfall mist.

Visit the Victoria Falls Parks Rainforest on the dates indicated and enjoy magical unforgettable night experience in a guided moonlight viewing tour of the Falls.

For three nights each month (one on either side of the actual full moon date) the Rainforest is open for a dramatic lunar rainbow – a rare natural phenomenon (also known as a moon bow or lunar bow or white rainbow) produced by the moon

The best time to see Victoria Falls, moonbow, is during a full Moon, at times of high water – the months of January to July

The spray can be seen for miles, and on a clear, bright, moonlit night (usually from March to July ) it forms something called a “moonbow” — reputedly one of the most staggeringly beautiful natural phenomena on the planet

Photographically the moonbow is best taken from the Zambian Side from March-July

Victoria Falls has predictable, regular Moonbow's

To look on the delicate Lunar Rainbow, which the light of the moon shining through the spray creates, is a natural wonder without equal

When the Moon is Full, it rises at sunset and is visible all night long. At the end of the night, the Full Moon sets just as the Sun rises

This unique event, is visible the day before, the day of and the day after the full moon.

For obvious reasons, Moonbow's are most easily viewed during full moon, just after astronomical twilight in the evening or before astronomical twilight in the morning (i.e. when the moon is low, not overhead)

This tour is not pre-booked - simply make your way to the Falls entrance.

Tour dates for Moonbow 2014 - 
Lunar Calendar
 Full Moon

Mar 15,16,17 | Apr 14,15,16 | May 13,14,15 | Jun 12,13,14 |
Jul 11,12,13 | Aug 9, 10 ,11 | Sept 8,9,10 | Oct 7,8,9 | Nov 6,7,8 | Dec 5,6,7

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